SUMMITVILLE, Ind. -- A newborn baby is hospitalized with multiple fractures in central Indiana. 

Police in Madison County, Indiana charged 22-year-old Ryan Smith and 19-year-old Emily McCune with neglect and causing serious bodily injury.  

The newborn was taken to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis Sunday with more than a dozen injuries including a broken femur, ribs, arm, elbow, humerus and two broken tibia. A doctor said the injuries appear to be consistent with twisting and pulling. The doctor also told investigators that it would have taken “significant force” to cause the injuries.

WXIN reports that Summitville Police interviewed McCune, the baby’s mother, Sunday night. She recalled hearing a “pop” followed by the baby’s crying. She and Smith waited nearly three hours before taking the baby to the hospital, only doing so at the advice of Smith’s mother.

McCune told police that Smith had been aggressive toward her and the baby ever since she’d been born, court documents said. She has threatened to leave him on several occasions if he didn’t stop being so physical with the baby, she told police. He often became angry and would punch walls or smoke marijuana to calm down, court documents said.

Police said that they didn’t believe McCune ever hurt the baby. However, they also wrote that she was responsible for the abuse because she knew about it and failed to bring it to anyone’s attention.

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