CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- An event at a local fair Wednesday night had protesters at the front gate.

Six protesters called for the hog wrestling competition to be removed from the line up of the Harrison County Fair.

“The pig becomes terrified," said Ray Wilson, the organizer of the protest. "They don’t know if they’re being hurt or gonna be killed. All they know how to do is try to escape, and they scream in fear."

They say the event that began in 2015 amounts to animal cruelty.

“If I had someone to handle my animals like that, I think that would be against the law if someone was there doing that,” said Caroline Rosa Kesten, who protested Wednesday.

The fair said care is taken to make sure the animals are not harmed.

“We have people out there that are for the well-being of the pigs and make sure they're not hurt or harmed in anyway," said Doug Henricksen, the fair treasurer. The pig itself is being watered down. It's on the end of the pen just for a few seconds at a time, and they don't use the same pig."

Spectators attending the event said the protesters are trying to ruin a popular event.

"Everyone has their own opinion, and that's the world that we live in, which is fine with me," Henricksen said. "The only thing I can say is the owner of the hogs is out there, and he will not allow any cruelty to his hogs."

The organizer of the protest said he tried to get a court order to stop the event. A judge denied the request.

The treasurer of the fair said no pigs have been injured since the event began in 2015.

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