LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man police accused of shooting an LMPD officer in the foot in the Bashford Manor neighborhood on Wednesday night is now in custody. 

WDRB News reporters witnessed the suspect being arrested at apartments on Kemmons Drive near Goldsmith Lane just before 10:30 a.m. Thursday, about 12 hours after police were called to the apartments on reports of a suspicious person trying to open doors.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said when officers arrived at the scene late Wednesday and approached the man, he took off running and refused to stop. 

Conrad said the suspect opened fire as officers gave chase, and one officer was shot in the foot. That officer was taken to University of Louisville Hospital and is expected to be OK. 

A witness who lives in the apartment building where police were focusing the investigation said the suspect is his neighbor and had been hiding inside. 

Other witnesses described a chaotic scene. 

"I was getting ready for bed, and I heard a cop car, which is kind of unusual for this area," said Shelia, who lives nearby. "After that, I seemed to hear 20-30 more cop cars, so I started looking out the window. And it was just a mad scene out here last night." 

Chris Smith lives in the apartment next door. He was at work when he heard the news and called his wife.

“She had told me somebody was out here shooting, a police got shot or something. I said, 'Oh man, let me get on in to see what's going on.' Then I get here, and I can't get here. They stopped me two blocks away, I couldn't get here.”

Smith was finally given a police escort to his home, where he waited until officers finally cleared the scene.

“It's scary, though," he said. "It's a scary feeling."

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect or the officer who was injured.

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