LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- June 23rd is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! 

A new "Pets at Work Report" sponsored by Purina shows there's a big difference in companies that are considered pet-friendly and non-pet friendly.  For example, four in five people in pet-friendly workplaces also say that having a pet at work makes them feel more happy, relaxed and sociable. 

The survey also shows employees in pet-friendly workplaces say it's a valuable work benefit and a boost for morale, productivity, and retention. 

A few findings in the survey: 

  • Smaller, tech-focused companies with younger employees were found to be the most pet-friendly.
  • More than four in five pet owners in pet-friendly workplaces own a dog, while almost three in five own a cat.
  • Pet-friendly employees are also more likely to say their workplace is "exciting," (20%) "innovative" (17%) and "inspiring" (15%).
  • Pet owners in pet-friendly workplaces are most likely to bring their pet to lunch with coworkers (70%) or a work party (70%) - and half are likely to bring them to a meeting with their boss (51%).
  • Cat owners in pet-friendly workplaces who haven't brought their furry friend cite predictable reasons - notably, the need for a litter box (55%).       
  • Most employed pet owners in both types of workplaces think their pet would be more popular than they are (53% pet friendly, 61% non-pet-friendly).

Purina has elevated its #PetsatWork movement with the goal of educating and helping employers and employees adopt pet-friendly policies and learn more about the benefits of having a pet by their side during the workday. 

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