LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A woman is suing Bullitt County over strip searches at the Bullitt County Jail.

The lawsuit alleges people with minor offenses -- or no offenses at all -- are required to remove their clothing for a visual inspection when they are admitted to the detention center.

Tabatha Shadburne and her attorney says these searches are illegal and violates the jail's own regulations.

She was arrested on a bench warrant in Dec. 2016 for failing to provide proof she had a attended a domestic violence victim's class. She was the alleged victim in the case.

Her attorney says she had enough money to make bond, and wouldn't be housed in the jail, but was strip searched anyway.

They are seeking the case as a class action lawsuit saying hundreds of others were unfairly searched.

"The Bullitt County Detention Center is a cyst on the [EXPLETIVE] of Bullitt County Government," said attorney Gregory Butrum, who represents Shadburne. "I intend to lance it."

Stacey Blankenship, who is representing the county, said she's "confident" the case will be dismissed:

Bullitt County has filed a Motion to Dismiss Ms. Shadburne’s complaint.  The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that strip searches of inmates, such as Ms. Shadburne, are constitutional.  The Motion to Dismiss is currently pending and I feel confident that this case will ultimately be dismissed.     

A copy of the lawsuit is below:

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