LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sen. Rand Paul, one of the key Republican holdouts on the controversial Senate health care bill, was in town Monday to tour the Siemens manufacturing plant on Nelson Miller Parkway in east Louisville.

The company manufactures railroad crossing gates, but the big question was whether Paul will help derail the Senate healthcare bill.

“This bill does not fix health care,” Paul said Monday.

Paul said the problem with the bill is that it does not go far enough to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He said he told President Donald Trump during a phone call on Sunday what it would take to win his support.

“I told him if we can make it more repeal and less that we're keeping Obamacare, and it has to be fiscally conservative,” he said..

Paul said the bill keeps too many of the mandates, plus $120 billion in subsidies that drive up insurance costs and fuel the deficit.

“If we're going to spend just as much money as Obamacare and call that repeal, that, to me, is not repeal,” he said.

The bill will fail in the Senate if there are more than two Republican “no” votes. Paul said he told the president he's willing to negotiate. He wants free market reforms that give people more insurance options at lower cost.

“I encouraged him that he needs also to push leadership to negotiate," Paul said. "Right now, we're not getting a lot back from leadership."

Paul is under pressure to help the GOP fulfill its campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. But he said, just like a good railroad crossing gate, any healthcare bill Congress passes must work or it could be a political train wreck.

“So if Republicans get their hands on Obamacare, and they write the Republican name on health care, and in two years we come back and have health care premiums still going through the roof and there's still this death spiral in the insurance market, I don't think it's worth owning something that you're not going to fix,” Paul said.

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