About a year ago, I did an editorial saying at the rate we were going, over a hundred Louisvillians would be shot and killed before New Year’s Day. I wish I’d been wrong about that. But I was anything but.

And now, I’m again confident that the 66 local citizens who have been killed so far this year will be joined by at least that many more by January 1st.

This is what happens when a culture reaches the point where human life has little or no value. But it’s also what happens when law-abiding citizens refuse to share what they know about these killings with law enforcement.

Some say this is part of a “code of the streets” that discourages snitching to the cops regardless of what you’ve seen or heard. But if that’s so, it’s an immoral code, and those who abide by it are actually complicit in the next murder.

Sure, some may stay quiet because they fear for their own safety if they talk. But those people should know that the local police tip line – 574-LMPD – is completely anonymous. Callers’ personal information is never shared with anyone – period.

Reporting what you know isn’t a betrayal. It’s your responsibility – especially to those who are likely to be the next victims.

Call and share your thoughts.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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