SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) –  As a new little family with a 2-week-old daughter, Leslie and Rex Chapman are more than concerned after finding out what's been going on with their water in Sellersburg in a recently released report

“When I first read through it, I was just blown away by how many violations there were,” Leslie Chapman said.

The violations were included in Sellersburg's yearly Consumer Confidence Report. It's a few sheets of paper that left the family with little to no confidence.

“Unfortunately in this report, there was some missed testing that should have been done,” said Ken Alexander, Director of Municipal Works for Sellersburg.

In fact, there were 36 violations, according to the report. Some of the chemicals in question included arsenic, cyanide and fluoride, among others.

The explanation for every violation was the same: They failed to test the water for the contaminants.

“We're not proud of it. It happened," Alexander said. "Since then, it's been corrected."

Alexander said the town didn't know the tests weren't being completed until violation letters came in from the state. He has since been working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

“We've changed personnel, we've changed reporting and we’ve changed oversight," he said. "We are in a corrective mode."

The report states the majority of violations were minor. Three were major because the quality of the water couldn't be ensured due to the lack in testing. Alexander said with transparency and a new water treatment plant, he hopes to gain back trust.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable," he said. "We have to earn it again."

If you’d like to look up what’s in your water, click here.

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