SELLERSBURG, In. (WDRB)-- When you go to a theme park, it's all about the experience. They want you to feel like you're in a different world before you even get on the ride. The Weber group in Southern Indiana is responsible for bringing that to life by creating out of this world experiences.

"We build anything that can be drawn on a napkin and try to bring it to life," said Jim Doiron, Director of Specialty Fabrications.

Their workshop looks like any other warehouse in Sellersburg so you could drive right by without every knowing what they do

"It's more important to have people see the work than understand the elves behind the scenes," said company president, Donny Weber.

Weber and his brother launched the company in the 80s. It started as a standard architect firm until the early nineties when they got into the theme park business.

"We had an opportunity through the expansion of Kentucky Kingdom to get involved in the theme park industry," said Weber.

Since then, they've left their mark on theme parks, zoos, and museums around the world including Crayola, Nickelodeon, and Disney. High profile customers with sometimes top secret projects. Right now their crew of architects and artists is working on the astronaut experience for the Kennedy Space Center.

"You go through a multi-day exercise where you train on Earth to become an astronaut. And then we put you in space and you go to Mars," said Carolyn McLean, Weber Group.

That includes two Orion Space Capsules, a 4D theatre and the red planet itself. The larger than life projects begin as designs. then giant pieces of foam are transformed using a piece of equipment that sculpts the material.

"Like we could scan you and then we could make you 40 feet tall or this tall," said Weber.

A team of artists makes sure every detail is perfect, oftentimes painting and sculpting by hand.

"Kennedy is definitely a stickler for accuracy. They want that Orion Space Capsule to look as accurate as possible," said Doiron.

Transforming basic materials into full blown experiences can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. The Kennedy Space Center project is two years in the making. In a few weeks, the full space setup will be loaded onto a truck bound for Florida to be enjoyed by crowds of people.

"Being able to make people smile and enjoy life is very rewarding," said Weber.

The Weber Group is working on several big projects including the recently announced "Crayola Experience" in Texas.

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