LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- St. Matthews Police have arrested a Louisville mother after authorities say she used her daughter to shoplift from a department store.

Laura Hujo, 32, was arrested on Saturday. An arrest report says Hujo stole from Nordstrom Rack, located at 4600 Shelbyville Road.

Police say Hujo had her 6-year-old daughter open display cases, grab items and hand them to her.

Authorities say Hujo went into a dressing room, removed security tags and hid the items. According to police, Hujo then tried leaving the store.

Officials say an officer asked the girl about a necklace, and she replied, "My mommy bought this, she didn't steal this."

Investigators say the total amount of items stolen from the store came to $519.

Hujo is charged with theft and committing an unlawful transaction with a minor.

She is expected in court on Monday.

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