LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We all love the dazzling fireworks displays, but we do not like the house fires, injuries or runaway pets.

Those are just some of the casualties that result from being careless with fireworks. That's why a local fireworks store owner wants to remind customers about some of the dangers of playing with fire.

"I'm having a barbecue party at the back yard, at my house," said Michael Evans, who was buying fireworks for the 4th of July at Wacky Willy's Fireworks.

Evans is in charge of the barbecue and fireworks at his family's annual 4th of July celebration.

"I am just getting some fireworks to just top it off a little bit," Evans said.

Evans was one of thousands of customers looking for explosive deals at Wacky Willy's this week.

"People love to shoot off fireworks, they love to celebrate the 4th of July," said Matt Toole, who owns Wacky Willy's and Infinity Homes. "It's probably the perfect storm."

Toole says business is good on both ends but especially at the fireworks stores.

"We'll probably sell four container loads of fireworks in really three to four days," he said.

Those fireworks can be deadly, but Toole said they come with lifesaving information.

"There's warning labels on every packet," Toole explained.

He wants to make sure you don't ignore those warnings.

"Everyone that comes to the store, they have a smile on their face," Toole said. "Now, what I don't like to see is when they get burned or they get shot with something."

As a builder, Toole also knows those fireworks have the potential to destroy homes.

"You can shoot a roman candle or an artillery shell through somebody's window if you're being stupid with it," Toole said.

Evans says that's good advice, but it's not the only advice being offered for the 4th of July holiday.

Louisville Metro Animal Services wants to remind pet owners of the dangers to their pets.

"This is the time of year where we see a lot of stray animals come into the shelter," said Erica Coghill, LMAS spokesperson.

Coghill said now is a good time to bring your pets inside for a day or two.

"Because fireworks are loud and animals, especially animals who have anxiety issues, you know, their first instinct is to retreat," Coghill said. "Even if it is hooked up to a chain or on a leash, do not have your dog outside while fireworks are going on."

"The thing about it is, we gotta be safe with fireworks. If we are not safe, it takes away the fun of what fireworks are supposed to be," Toole said.

Toole shared the story of another Indiana man who has a unique way of reminding people about the dangers of being careless with fireworks.

"He gets a tattoo of everyone that has actually gotten injured. Because he reminds people, he shows them the tattoo, 'hey, this guy lost his finger for being stupid,'" Toole said.

While this is Toole's busiest time of the year at his fireworks stores, his message doesn't change.

"Our season really starts June 1 and ends, literally, July 4th ... We preach safety all of the time," Toole said.

LMAS also reminds pet owners to use ID tags, so, if an animal gets away, it's easier to find the owner.

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