LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was a big scare for some people just trying to enjoy the ride at Kentucky Kingdom.

Park management had to close several rides on Monday.

The rides were closed because of a power outage inside the park.

It was a little scary for some of the guests, but the problem didn't last very long.

"My wife and I were getting ready to get on the Ferris Wheel," Chris Falker said. "There was a lot of blackouts."

Falker was at the park Monday when the power went out.

"And I am glad we got out just in time because there were a lot of people stranded on it," Falker said.

Falker said it was scary but not chaotic.

"It was pretty calm, and, you know, I was talking to a police officer and asking, what are they going to do about all of those people that are just stranded there, and he said, 'well, they brought an emergency generator out' so that they could get them down,'" he said.

Park Management said the problems started Monday morning. That's when the power outage shutdown five water rides.

"And then later on in the evening, a transformer blew, so, we had a brief outage that affected several rides on our south side," said Kentucky Kingdom Media and Communications Manager Adam Birkner.

Birkner said the transformer shutdown water rides, roller coasters, and the Ferris Wheel but it was only temporary.

"We, fortunately had LG&E with us to help us out, and they worked really well with our team, and we were able to get everybody, you know, taken care of and get the rides back up," Birkner said. 

Despite the problems, people were waiting in line when the park reopened on the 4th of July.

"We're glad they figured it out, able to get out here and enjoy the park," said Terry Blackman, who spent the 4th of July at Kentucky Kingdom. "(I) just want to celebrate the 4th, ride some rides and have a good time."

Right now, Mile High Falls is the only ride that remains closed, but that closure is not connected to Monday's power outage.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Kingdom officials said the park has had record setting attendance during this holiday weekend. Park officials say attendance is up 40 percent from this same time period last year.

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