SALEM, Ind. (WDRB) -- Abigail Foster and her parents just wanted a quick Sunday breakfast, but the lines at McDonald’s stretched almost to the back door. That’s when a woman standing in line took control.

"There were like ten people in each line, and they just kept growing,” Foster said. "We couldn't believe what we saw."

With her son on her hip, Danielle Mullins hopped behind an empty register and started to take food orders.

“We could tell she worked there by the way she immediately went behind the counter and opened up the register and started getting all the lines moving faster than I've ever seen before,” Foster said.

Mullins was on the clock at McDonald's all day Wednesday and couldn't leave her post to talk on camera, but told WDRB News she heard the grumbling customers and saw her stressed out coworkers and couldn't just stand there.

“I have worked in fast food off and on since I was 16-years-old," she said. "I know how stressful, frustrating and chaotic it can be to work short-staffed. It can really wear you out mentally, emotionally, even physically. It didn’t take me very long of standing in line and hearing impatient grumbles of the customers and seeing one of my managers going back and forth between taking orders and serving them. I knew I had to at least try to help out even if I had my son.”

“It was cool [that] she [wasn’t] supposed to be working or anything,” Foster said. “She just went on ahead, took time out of her day to help get everything going better.”

Inspired by Mullin's willingness to lend a helping hand, Foster took photos and took to Facebook to thank her. Nearly 700 likes and about 300 shares later, “[the post] just kept going, and it snowballed into something I never expected,” Foster said.

The deed has lots of people talking, but some aren't so supportive saying Mullins could get in big trouble for having a child behind the counter and for working when she's not clocked in.

“Part of me is worried about getting in trouble, but at the same time, my child was in a safe zone,” Mullins said. “He was not handing the cash or drink cups. There were no customer complaints, he didn’t get hurt, and I was still very professional about my job. The customers I served seemed very grateful.”

Mullins' manager told WDRB News she will get a slight talking to.

However, Foster disagrees and said the restaurant should be grateful to have an employee with a work ethic like Mullins.

“I think she deserves proper recognition, and I think she seems like an incredible person, and I hope she gets what she deserves,” Foster said. 

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