Quick recap. At least three different women have accused Metro Councilman Dan Johnson of unwanted verbal advances, exposing himself, and groping them. He works with some of these women. We don't know if his behavior was limited to just those things or even those women. Last month, he expressed remorse for his inexcusable behavior. He said he was going to seek counseling but he intended to stay on the Metro Council until his term is up in 2018. He then immediately threatened to sue any of these women who continued to say that he had done any of these things.

Dan Johnson has created a hostile and potentially dangerous workplace for these and other women. Why wouldn't they continue to speak out if he intends to hang around for another year and a half?

I said two weeks ago letting him stay on his terms is ridiculous. He clearly isn't going to resign, so he should be fired. My question is, since his cards on the table, why isn't the Metro Council acting? Why are they afraid to boot this guy out of local government? He doesn't represent his district anymore, because his district is full of good and honorable people. Right now they have what I think qualifies as a sexual predator representing them. 

It's time for the Metro Council to be decisive and get Dan Johnson off the taxpayer's payroll.  

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.  

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