LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Someone has torn down several memorial markers on Dixie Highway.

"I'm shaking because it offends me very much," said SFC Christina Baker, a veteran. "It offends me that someone would do this to someone -- and they're not even alive. It's horrible." 

Three memorials have been destroyed on Dixie Highway in southwest Louisville. One marker was sawed off at the base. The memorial right next to it has broken glass and broken lighting.

And a few miles down the road, someone hacked at the cement cross of Donald and Shelia Williams.

"I planned to see if I could fix it, but obviously I can't, so I plan to see if I could try to find the family members posting on Facebook for someone with the kind of services needed to repair the cross," said Baker.

Neighbors also reported similar vandalism just off of Dixie Highway in Meade County. It's unclear whether it's all related.

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