JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) A miniature horse in southern Indiana is getting quite the attention online. His bad boy personality is doing a lot more good for hundreds of local kids.

Do a Facebook search of Opening Gates, a horse therapy farm and you'll find Teke.

"That's one of the first things that both of my kids ask me about, 'what did Teke say today? What is Teke's lesson for today?' Allyson Condra said.  

Standing at three feet and coming in at 325 pounds, weekly posts chronicle his adventures

"He's very cute, but he gets in trouble a lot. Just yesterday, he let out him and another horse," Maecy Condra said. "I wasn't really surprised. He's let out half of the barn before. He's a stinker."

WDRB wanted to meet the 15 year old.

"I like to jokingly refer to Teke as that bad boy that you kinda had a high school crush on that you know he's just not any good for you but you just can't help but lovin' him. He's adorable, he's a man of many qualities," Allyson Condra said.

The man, the myth, the legend, hasn't always had this following. "He clearly knows just how far he can push that envelope," Shara Wiesenauer, Opening Gates' Mental health Counselor and Therapist said.

Opening Gates started in 2007.

"The majority of the time that people and kids go to counseling, it's for normal, every day stressors," Wiesenauer said.

He arrived shortly after. "The setting itself is relaxing. It's really peaceful and I think that sets them up for a better outcome and then when they meet the horses, like you saw with Teke, you're just drawn to them."

The idea for Friday morning Facebook posts were inspired by a school counselor.

"If Teke were a person, these were the things he would say, these are the things he would do, this would be the thoughts he has and so many times I'm laughing. So, it gives me a good laugh for the day and a good way to start my day, so I really, really enjoy it."

So do the kids.

"I get asked that often, like how much of this is made up and how much of this really, truly happens at the farm? And I can honestly say 100 percent of it truly happens at the farm."

Teke is putting his best hoof forward.

"That opens the door for them to talk about something and so, they want to talk about Teke and I am more than willing to talk about Teke because nine times out of ten, while they are talking about Teke, they're actually talking about themselves and I listen."

He and his friends will help hundreds of kids and their families in a year's time.

Opening Gates is entirely run by volunteers. All of the funds help care for the therapy horses. 

To sign up for a program, donate or volunteer, click here or send a message on its Facebook page.

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