JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – Sometimes when you're out on a boat or walking along the riverfront in downtown Jeffersonville -- nature comes calling.

That's when the sight of a porta potty couldn't be more welcome. but your mind could change once you see what's on the inside.

“It's very terrible to see that and you wouldn't want your family or anybody else to see it,” said A1 Porta Potty owner Mike Benson.

While porta potties are for going to the bathroom -- we're not talking about any bodily functions in this case. Week after week the porta potties at Duffy's Landing and the RiverStage are being hit with vandalism.

“In the porta potty industry you try to keep clean and we've noticed in the last several weeks we've had some vandalism of people writing on the walls and some very obscene things,” Benson said.

Benson says the walls inside the porta potties are often covered with lewd writings and drawings – leaving A1 Porta Potty employees with the mess to clean up.

“They'll spend 30-45 minutes sometimes just cleaning one potty to get all that graffiti off,” Benson said. “And so we bought some chemicals to keep them off and clean them weekly and now it's become a target.”

Benson believes it’s the same person or persons every time because of the similarities in the handwriting and drawings. He says he doesn't necessarily want them to get in trouble, but thinks they deserve a good lesson in morals and values.

“I want them to spend a week with me and cleaning the porta potties and understand just how hard it is to keep these usable," he said. 

Benson is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the person or persons responsible.

A1 Porta Potty can be reached at (812)-786-4222.

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