LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – As congress gets closer to voting on a revised healthcare bill, Kentucky Third District Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth held a town hall meeting Sunday to discuss the bill.

Hundreds of people gathered at Bellarmine University to hear Congressman Yarmuth talk about why he says the revised healthcare plan won’t get the votes it needs to pass.

“It’s not like you can talk about healthcare proposals and say ‘This is generally how it is going to affect you’ because that is not the way people consider the healthcare policy,” Rep. Yarmuth said.

The forum allowed for a question and answer session when more than a dozen people spoke up about the concerns they have with any Obamacare revisions proposed by the Senate.

The biggest topic of concern was how insurance companies will adjust and deal with pre-existing conditions.

“We’ve had a child told she can’t get any healthcare at all and no insurance once she graduated from college despite being an essentially healthy child but she had a preexisting condition,” said Keith Wilhelmi, who supports the status quo version of Obamacare.

Yarmuth says healthcare is not an issue just for older Americans to focus on.

“A lot of young people are concerned for their parents as what is going to happen with them when they need to possible put them in the nursing home,” Yarmuth said.

In June, Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul lead the charge against the newly unveiled GOP Health care bill.

Three other Republican senators oppose the bill as it is written which could cause it to fail when it’s soon addressed by congress.

The GOP bill would cut Medicaid, end penalties for people not buying insurance and erase a raft of tax increases as part of the plan to scuttle President Obama’s health care law, according to what congressional aides and lobbyists say.

While most of the people at Sunday’s forum had their minds made up on the bill, others remained on the fence and wanted to hear what others had to say.

“I always enjoying coming to something where information is shared in a non-combative situation. Whether you’re for it or against it,” Louisville resident Tim Sunkel said.

President Trump tweeted Sunday by putting more pressure on Republican Senators to approve the bill.

Congress reconvenes Monday.

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