SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- Shepherdsville Police officers are used to responding to shoplifting calls at the Bullitt County Walmart. The store is right across the street, but they say the culprits behind the latest case even surprised them. 

"When they arrived, they encountered the suspect who was accompanied by her three juvenile grandchildren," said Maj. Michael O'Donnell with Shepherdsville Police.

The kids were ages 14, 11 and 6.

On Saturday night, police said the children were spotted by store employees helping their grandmother, 58-year-old LaDawna Buster, steal from the store on Conestoga Parkway.

"The children were concealing items in a backpack as they went through the store," O'Donnell said. 

Toys, magazines, clothing and stationery were taken, all adding up to around $250.

The story about what happened is making its way around Shepherdsville. For Walmart employees and customers, it's not about the money. It's about morals.

"I think it's ridiculous that the grandmother would ever even have children do something like that," Michael Breeding said. "It's a bad example for the young ones."

Buster is now locked up at the Bullitt County Detention Center. Her jail time and punishment will ultimately be part of the Shepherdsville Police Department's crackdown on shoplifting.  

"We believe our retailers deserve that," O'Donnell said.

At the same time, the department is showing compassion to the kids involved. An officer at the scene allowed each child involved to pick out what would've been a stolen item. The officer then bought it for them.

WDRB News reached out to Buster's daughter on the phone. She said her mom didn't do anything wrong.

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