LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  GE Appliances says the Appliance Park building where workers assemble washers and dryers is bed-bug free after several rounds of treatment by a pest control company beginning last month.

“A few” bed bugs were found on a fork truck seat in Appliance Park’s Building 1 – where washers and dryers are made -- on July 5, leading to an inspection and treatment of six fork trucks, according to an internal memo dated July 7, obtained by WDRB News.

Last month, the pest control company also treated two restrooms and a laundry room in the same building, although no bed bugs were actually found in those areas, according to GE Appliances spokeswoman Kim Freeman.

Freeman said the issue surfaced about a month ago when an employee complained, but the company did not find bed bugs until the “few” that were captured on the fork truck seat on July 5.

“They haven’t found them anywhere else, and they moved very quickly to eradicate the situation,” she said.

The laundry room will be removed as precaution, according to the July 7 memo from Doug Wichmann, the plant manager for Building 1.

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