Kentucky’s state legislators are supposed to make laws that benefit everyone. But it seems the elected officials from the Commonwealth’s rural areas have dominated the legislative agenda to such an extent that the very real needs of our urban centers are going unmet.

One example: the defeat of the proposal that would have allowed Kentucky’s cities to voluntarily implement their own 1% sales tax to fund local projects.  Another is the persistent refusal to let voters vote “Yes” or “No” on legalizing casino gambling. And I also suspect that Kentucky’s so-called “Religious Freedom Bill” wouldn’t be causing our state so many headaches right now if more voices from Louisville and Lexington had spoken up.

The problem is, too many of the elected officials from Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky apparently lack the backbone to present a unified front on behalf of our urban areas. They apparently fear confrontation with the largely rural-based legislators who have guided Kentucky politics for so long, so they remain meek and quiet instead of doing their jobs.

Kentucky’s fortunes ultimately ride on the viability of its biggest cities.  It’s time that the people representing those cities construct a coalition that will provide a united front on behalf of our state’s urban issues and finally take their proper place at the table in Frankfort.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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