LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Seven protesters accused of criminal trespassing outside of Kentucky's only abortion clinic appeared before a judge on Tuesday.

Police say the group locked arms --- blocking the entrance to the EMW Women's Clinic in May. After being asked several times to leave, they were taken to jail for criminal trespassing.

An attorney says the group has now agreed to stay across the street.

The event was organized by Operation Save America.

Rusty Thomas, the group's national director, was one of the people arrested. "We just knew in this battle to end this Holocaust in the United States of America, a very important line needed to be crossed. Christians who wrestled with God, offered him this sacrifice and we crossed that line and we sat down at the abortion mill doors," Thomas said.

The protesters are due back in court in September.

Several others are charged, but did not appear in court.


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