LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Louisville Metro Council will hear for the first time on Thursday a resolution that expresses no confidence in LMPD Chief Steve Conrad.

In May, a bi-partisan group of Metro Council members called for Conrad’s resignation. Now, an official vote is on the table for Metro Council.

“I'm glad that we've finally gotten here,” said Democratic Metro Councilman David James. “I was hoping that we wouldn't have to get to the point we are.”

City leaders first raised questions about Conrad’s leadership publicly last November when he removed so-called “flex platoons” from police divisions. That reorganization was aimed at reducing violent crime. So far in 2017, Louisville is on track for a record number of homicides.

“Right now, we're on the titanic and it's sinking,” James said of the current situation.

While the critics of Conrad have been out spoken, his staunchest supporter has been as well.

“To think that one person is going to change crime is really simplistic,” Mayor Greg Fischer said.

Fischer remains committed to Conrad as police chief and is the sole person in charge of his future.

“The vote has no meaning in terms of any effect," Fischer said Wednesday. "It just distracts our community for the serious work we have at hand."

Councilwoman Angela Leet was the first to call for Conrad to resign.

“This is not just a single issue. It is not just a crime issue,” said Leet, a Republican. “It's communication. It's transparency. It's an Explorer program issue.”

The resolution lists an investigation in LMPD’s Explorer Program and allegations of sex abuse as one of the primary concerns of council members. LMPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“…it has caused the Council great concern that it was only after allegations against multiple officers working in the LMPD Youth Explorer program were made public that any administrative action was taken...” the resolution reads.

In December, the Louisville Fraternal Order of Police voted overwhelmingly to express no-confidence in the leadership of Conrad.

"While I’m confident in my decisions, I respect the over 600 men and women of this department who voted this week," Chief Conrad said following that vote. "I will work to regain their confidence and to address their concerns, but I will never compromise my duty to do the RIGHT THING!"

The first reading of the resolution is Thursday night. From there, it would head to the Public Safety committee. 

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