LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) - Nothing was off the table Wednesday night in a candid and sometimes strange interview with Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson.

Johnson spoke to local radio host Terry Meiners, explaining his version of events of what happened when he posed for a picture with Councilwoman Jessica Green at a public event last month at Wyandotte Park.

Green said he grabbed and squeezed her backside. 

"My arm was trapped between my leg and Jessica Green's leg when she moved close to me," Johnson said. "When I moved my arm away from being there to put it toward her shoulder, it landed on her backside, and I did not do it on purpose. I couldn't even see what I was doing. It just went there."

Johnson also addressed allegations he exposed his naked rear end to Councilwoman's Angela Leet's legislative aide in a parking lot. 

He said that incident never happened, but he did admit he's had problems in the past with keeping his pants up. 

"I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down," he said. "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it."

He said he's since resolved the issue by buying a better belt.

Johnson is banned from all future Greater Louisville, Inc. events after a chamber of commerce employee said he made lewd comments during a work trip to Austin, Texas. 

The councilman said those allegations were made after "they were force feeding us beer" at a dinner. 

"She said I said something to her later, and I don't ever remember that," he said. "And if that's the case, I'm sorry."

Johnson said he doesn't have a drinking problem and is not on medication that could affect his memory. 

Metro Council president David Yates sent a letter to Johnson last week demanding at least an hour of advance notice before he arrives on the property because "some metro council employees are fearful and intimidated by your physical presence."

Johnson said he won't comply.

"I'll never do that, because I am a councilman and I'm able to go to my office if I feel like it," he said.

Some of Johnson's peers are calling on him to resign. But Johnson defiantly said he won't step down on his own. 

"I was elected by the 21st District to serve them for four years, and I will do that until my time is up," he said.

Johnson issued a public apology two weeks after the alleged incident with Green. He said that was not an admission of guilt, but he did it to make his accusers feel better. 

On Thursday, July 13, Metro Council's Democratic Caucus will hold a special meeting about Johnson. The agenda includes recommending disciplinary action for Johnson, and accepting his letter of resignation from the caucus.

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