LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As a TV viewer, you're used to seeing video a certain way. Get used to seeing it in a couple of ways on WDRB News.

"You're going to be able to see things from the air that we could never show you before," said WDRB drone pilot, Doug Smith.

News at the station is going to new heights. 

"Now, we can take a drone like this Mavic, fly it over a scene, fly it over a building, fly it over the river, and give you a completely different perspective," Smith said.

"They can do a lot of things a helicopter can't," said WDRB General Manager Bill Lamb.

Over the past year, you might have noticed WDRB News was the first station in Louisville to introduce drone video into our newscasts. 

WDRB News has a fleet of drones, with trained pilots, like Smith and News Director Barry Fulmer.

The title of pilot comes with a lot of responsibility, and in just the past few days, WDRB's pilots got even more of it. The FAA gave the pilots permission to fly within a five-mile radius of Standiford Field in what's known as class C airspace.

"They're saying you have trained pilots who fly these drones, and we'll take advantage of that," Lamb said. 

It's a big move forward and a renewed commitment at being the best and being first.

"I'm excited that we're doing a lot of things that push technology, and this is just the latest one," Lamb said.

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