LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Beth Godshall grew up like a lot us. She wished she was a little less shy and a lot taller.

"I'm 5-foot flat, so any chance I can to be tall, I'll take it," Godshall said.

She took matters into her own hands, or maybe legs in this case, and got high -- on stilts. Godshall is a real-life conversation starter. 

"You don't see that every day," said passerby, Heather Saxberg.

"I've seen people trip before," Godshall said. "There's a lot of head-turning."

She's the Louisville area's only costumed stiltwalker. Her work on stilts isn't just a hobby; It's what brings in the cash. 

You've probably seen Godshall before. She's the show within the show at Forecastle every year. She's part of the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular, and she was one of the highlights of the Lincoln Bridge unveiling.

"That's an amazing look," said a woman who passed her on the street in NuLu.

There have been several tumbles along the way and even a wardrobe malfunction. When things get ugly, she gets back up -- way up -- because of the way it makes people feel.

"It does make me feel happy to make others feel happy," Godshall said.

In a city where murders and violence can dominate the headlines, Godshall is the bright spot in life we could all use, no matter how hard we have to work our necks to see her.

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