LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With summer temperatures rising, parents are reminded to not wait for kids to say they're thirsty to make sure they're drinking enough water. 

Dr. Julie Daftari, senior medical director of UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky, is reminding parents about the signs of dehydration in kids and sharing tips to keep their little ones hydrated.

Dr. Daftari says hydration is particularly important for kids as they have higher water requirements than adults. She also says their cooling system isn't fully developed. 

Common signs of dehydration include:
- A dry or sticky mouth
-  Few or no tears when crying
-  Eyes that look sunken
-  In babies, the soft spot (fontanelle) on top of the head looks sunken
-  Urinating less or fewer wet diapers than usual
-  Dry, cool skin
-  Irritability
-  Drowsiness or dizziness

To prevent against dehydration, make sure for every 15 minutes of outdoor activity kids are drinking about four ounces of water, this is approximately four gulps. 

Every 30 to 45 minutes give the child snacks with salt and potassium to help protect against electrolyte loss and promote hydration. Pretzels or goldfish or a cheese stick with some oranges, banana or strawberries are good options. Avoid sugary sports drinks, which were developed with an adult’s body in mind.
Dr. Daftari says children should drink half of their fluids from water and the other half from milk, 100 percent fruit juice or smoothies.
Skip the soda. Carbonated water mixed with fruit juice is a great alternative to soda. Use frozen fruit as ice-cubes in water or seltzer waters, too.

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