LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A state representative from Louisville is using a tongue-in-cheek message to encourage people to run for office. 

Representative Mary Lou Marzian was part of the Kentucky Initiative's "Postcards on the Verge" event on Sunday. The event marked the one-year anniversary of her filing of an erectile dysfunction bill.  

The E-D proposal gained national attention, when she filed the bill in response to the government putting restrictions on to women's healthcare. The bill would have required men to be married and have two office visits before obtaining a prescription for drugs like Viagra.

Marzian says, "It really awakened a lot of folks to say government should not be involved in healthcare. People can make their own decisions without a politician telling them what to do. 

Marzian is thinking about introducing a new bill where all medical procedures have to be reported to the health department. She says women have been singled out with having to have abortions reported and called is an invasion of privacy. 

The Louisville Representative and the Kentucky Initiative are working to inform and encourage to citizens to step up and run for office. She believes there are many issues that need change in government including the environment, gun laws, and womens' health. 

Participants in the "Postcards on the Verge" event filled out cards with messages for legislators. 

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