LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – The Germantown neighborhood of Louisville is seeing an increased police presence following several acts of vandalism and break-ins.

Residents say the typically quiet area is being terrorized by a group of young teens who vandalize, burglarize, and harass the neighborhood.

“It’s gone from breaking into cars to stealing cars," aid Allison Recca-Ryan, who bought a house near the corner of Samuel Street and Texas Avenue in November. "It’s gone from throwing things to lighting things on fire. We bought the home because we thought it was a great neighborhood, and the past few months have been kind of horrific.”

Residents have been voicing their concerns on the Nextdoor mobile App, and LMPD is investigating some of the reported cases.

LMPD released a statement to WDRB News, saying in part: “LMPD takes these events very seriously and we have dedicated additional resources to the area. We have additional foot and vehicular patrols in the area; particularly in the evenings when these events have occurred.”

Deborah Hagan has lived on Samuel Street for 30 years and is so concerned over the increased crime she got a concealed weapons permit.

“It has really made me very uncomfortable," she said. "I am not going to be one of those old people that at least don’t try to defend themselves."

Recca-Ryan said she and several neighbors have tried to talk to the teens to get them to stop the vandalism, but they received insults and threats in return.

“It’s not what I thought it was going to be living here,” Recca-Ryan said.

LMPD also asking residents to call them and not only post on social media the problems that may be happening in their neighborhood.

Below is the full statement from LMPD:

"The LMPD is aware of the issues involving juvenile crime in the Germantown Neighborhood. These incidents have escalated from general nuisances to reports of violence. The 4th Division officers are investigating. we have been made aware of the violence being discussed on social media. It should be noted that many of these incidents have not actually been reported to the police; rather they have been discussed on social media platforms.  We encourage all of our community members to call the police when they observe criminal activity and to speak to the responding officers, who may have arrive after the incident has ended.

The LMPD takes these events very seriously and we have dedicated additional resources to the area.  We have additional foot and vehicular patrols in the area; particularly in the evenings when these events have occurred. We have utilized Violent Crime Reduction officers to further saturate the area as well and to assist in identifying the involved suspects. We have been in daily discussions with neighborhood leaders as well as Councilman Mulvihill’s office about these incidents in an effort to develop a long-term strategy to deal with the problem.

By working together with our community members we are confident that we can successfully address the serious issues confronting the Germantown neighborhood. We are appreciative of the level of concern this issue has caused and hope this increases our ability to successfully intervene."

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