LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Local and national abortion clinic leaders are voicing concerns over the Operation Save America plans for rallies and protests starting Saturday.

“Most of our plans throughout those days are just to expose the issue of abortion and preach the gospel,” said Joseph Spurgeon, the local leader of OSA.

"Operation Save America: For Such a Time as This" will consist of a series of events for eight days next week. Spurgeon hopes to exceed 800 people participating over the course of the week.

“We will start in the morning with street activities,” Spurgeon said. “We’ll have people at the abortion clinic. We’ll have people spread throughout the whole city of Louisville with signs and preaching.”

Spurgeon said supporters will also be singing, praying and encouraging women not to have abortions. During the afternoon, there will be Christian worldview training sessions geared for children. Rallies are planned each evening.

Spurgeon said there will be plenty of events to educate the public, including videos that will play on a large screen in Jefferson Square Park.

“They’ll be showing pro-life videos,” he said. “I’m sure some of it will be graphic in nature. It’ll actually show what an abortion is and what it looks like.”

The EMW Women’s Surgical Center sees protesters every week, but some local and national abortion leaders are worried about the scale of the plans for the coming week.

“Abortion opponents, like those descending on Louisville this weekend, must not be allowed to break the law and inhibit women’s access to abortion care,” said Vicki Saporta, the President and CEO of National Abortion Federation.

During an audio press conference, local leaders said they are preparing for aggressive protesters to attempt to shut down the clinic.

“Louisville clinic escorts have been preparing closely with local EMW and federal enforcement agencies to prepare for the coming days,” said Meg Stern, a local clinic escort.

The owner of the abortion clinic, Dr. Ernest Marshall, said the EMW Center has been in contact with local LMPD officers to prepare for the events.

“We have also stepped up security,” Marshall said. “We’re also working with the U.S. Marshals office.”

There are no intentions for LMPD to set up barriers to separate protesters, but there are plans in place to do that, if necessary.

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