LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People in Louisville are cut off from their homes several times a day, and it is all because of a train.

The train running along Frankfort Avenue blocks access to a neighborhood in Crescent Hill, sometimes for hours.

“It was stopped for four hours, and I had just crossed the tracks so I got lucky,” said Lee Miles, who lives near a crossing.

People can only get to their homes by crossing the tracks at Blackburn Avenue or Fenley Avenue. 

Only emergency responders can use a locked gate at the end of Claremont Avenue.

“This is gonna be faster," Metro Councilman Bill Hollander said. "There are gonna be numerous people in the neighborhood who know how to open that gate, and they’ll be able to open it, not just for emergency vehicles, but anybody who needs to get in and out."

The city is building the new road at the end of Claremont Avenue for just under $70,000 that will only be used when the train is blocking the roads.

Hollander said the city hopes to have construction on the new access road started this week and finished by the first part of August. 

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