Dreaming of becoming a ninja? You will soon be able to compete and test your skills.

Lewis and Clark Parkway in Clarksville is getting something unusual for that side of the river. It's called Xtremenasium.

“I call it adrenaline based entertainment,” owner of Xtremenasium, Kenny Schell said. “There are no family centers like this in the southern Indiana market.”

There will be a trampoline park with dodge ball and basketball, a battle beam for jousting over a foam pit, a bouldering wall and a ninja challenge course.

“It's basically a trampoline park, but we are going to have it spiced up a little more than a normal trampoline park,” Schell said. “Climbing on the bouldering wall, if you fall, you fall into a foam pit. You don't have to have the harness on.”

The ninja obstacle course has four different levels.

“You can make it through one level, but you might not make it all the way to the fourth level. That's the challenge of it. You can hopefully come back and do it again and beat your time and make yourself better,” he said.

Schell owns a handful of other businesses in the area, including Xtreme Laser Combat Arena and Paintball Aslyum. He played pro paintball for a decade, so extreme sports are his thing.

“I played paintball professionally and traveled the world,” he said. “It led me to meet a lot people and see a lot of things like this.”

He says the family entertainment center is for young kid's birthday parties to bachelor parties and everything in between.

“So if you like something that excites you and challenges you, this is going to be your cup of tea,” Schell said. 

Xtremenasium will be sandwiched right in between Big Lots and Office Depot on Lewis and Clark Parkway. It’s schedule to open in November. 

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