The city of Louisville is going the extra mile to help keep people safe in these dangerously hot temperatures. It's taking more work to keep the cool, clean water flowing to your home.

"When we have a long patch of dry weather like we're seeing now, we really go into overdrive," explained Kelley Dearing Smith, with the Louisville Water Company.

It's safe to say the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant is producing a lot of water right now. Smith said the plant has pushing out between 130 to 150 million gallons of drinking water a day for the past week. That's above the average of around 120 millions gallons a day. 

As you're chugging more water, there's no fear of draining the city. The water company's capacity between both plants, is 240 million gallons per day. And the plant has a massive, natural supply flowing constantly from the Ohio River.

"That's a real big blessing for us," Smith said. "Because we don't have to worry about running out of water. Now, that doesn't mean you don't have to be careful about how you use water." 

Smith suggests watering your lawn in the morning or late at night when it is not as hot outside. To minimize wasting water, make sure all sprinklers are aimed for the grass and not the driveway or sidewalk.

The water bill is typically one of the cheaper ones Louisville residents have to pay. But Smith said customers could see a small spike based on more water use during the heat. 

"What happens though in the summer is, because we bill every two months for a lot of our customers, the water that you're using right now, you won't see on your bill for a couple of months," she said. "By then you're going, 'wait, I didn't use that much water.' But then you forget about all the things you did in the summer."

Customers pay for every thousand gallons of water used. Smith said the average monthly water bill in Louisville is $23. 

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