SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Some Sellersburg residents are worried the town will become the next Flint, Michigan, following the results of a 2016 water test.

Monday night’s town council meeting got heated at times as concerns were raised over a 2016 yearly confidence report involving Sellersburg water and monitoring violations. The test revealed chemicals in the water that included arsenic, cyanide and fluoride.

Residents say tests were never done in 2016, and therefore the state noticed monitoring violations and notified the city.

Municipal Works Director Ken Alexander said the water was tested but was reported late because of a personnel change.

“We are scared for our kids in the community,” said Brittney Ferree, who spoke at Monday’s meeting and has lived in Sellersburg her whole life. “It’s very scary. Especially after finding out that our water tank was painted in lead-based paint.”

A 2013 report showed paint on the city’s water tower tested positive for levels of lead above the recordable limit. Residents believe some of that lead flaked off is part of what caused the higher chemicals in the water.

“I assure you the Sellersburg Water Utility is run professionally and safely, meeting and exceeding all state and federal standards,” Council President Paul Rhodes read in a statement Monday night.

Alexander told WDRB News the city has been in compliance with the state’s water requirements, and so far in 2017 there have been no reports of violations, adding that the water is “totally fine.”

Councilman Bill Conlin is calling for Alexander’s removal of his position because he believes residents have lost faith in Alexander to manage water, drainage and sewer at a responsible level.

“I used to say Sellersburg was the best-kept secret in Kentuckiana," Conlin said. "I can’t say that anymore."

The next Sellersburg council meeting is Monday, Aug. 28 at 6 p.m.

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