CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) – Residents of the Pleasant Ridge subdivision are upset with how their neighborhood looks after being purchased by a developer.

More than 140 homes have been purchased by Neace Ventures, and most are now boarded up. Residents said they were told the subdivision would be revitalized and want it done sooner than later.

“If they’re going to do that, they are going to need to tear them all the way down," said Renee King, who has rented a home in Pleasant Ridge for two years. That’s the way I feel. Then we don’t have to look at the stuff."

Residents whose homes were purchased by Neace were told they needed to be out by March 31.  Some Pleasant Ridge residents said they were never approached to sell their homes and are sick of looking at the dilapidated structures that remain.

“They’ve intentionally boarded the homes up, and they are allowing people to come and rip the siding off, rip the windows out, and then they just put the boards back on, and they just leave them here,” said neighborhood association president Josh Craven. “If residents have to abide by city ordinances, the developer must, too.”

John Hampton with Neace Ventures said he has not heard about resident frustrations, and Neace plans on boarding up more homes this week.

Neighbors said they were told once the homes were sold, the structures would be demolished to make way for the new ones. But instead, they are left with dozens of eyesores.

George Doss has lived in the neighborhood for 34 years and is surrounded by vacant homes and trash that has been dumped along the street.

“They need to go ahead and tear them down and clean the mess up, because we’re going to start getting rats and stuff around here," Doss said. "So we need to get that done."

Neace Ventures said they hope to have several of the homes knocked down by Thanksgiving.

WDRB News reached out to Charlestown City Attorney Michael Gillenwater regarding city ordinances and the complaints, but he refused to comment.

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