Graphic images of abortions played on a Jumbotron on Wednesday as protests heated up in downtown Louisville. Crowds of pro-life and pro-choice protesters faced off in Jefferson Square as images of abortions were visible down the block.

"We don't want it to occur, because it's murder," said Joseph Spurgeon of Operation Save America. "So we're going to bring it into the public for everyone to see exactly what goes on in our city."

Operation Save America is protesting all week to end abortion in Kentucky. The only abortion provider left in the state is the EMW Women's Surgical Center in downtown Louisville.

As part of their efforts, the group distributed fliers to several clinic workers' neighborhoods.

"We want to see these people's hearts change, so they repent and turn to Christ and have eternal life," Spurgeon said. "As they're standing right now, all the murder is on their hands, that blood is on their hands, and they will stand guilty before God, so good neighbors will warn their neighbors about it."

The flier shows a picture of the employee and lists a home address with the caption, "This person murders babies."

"The way they go about wanting to say what they have to say is quite disturbing," said Anne Ahola, Executive Director of EMW.

She's targeted on the fliers.

"Nobody has yet called and yelled in my ear about it, but we've had several calls saying, 'I just want to let you know we have these,'" Ahola said.

While protests in front of the clinic are common, Ahola said recent actions go further than anything she's experienced before.

"Even people who aren't really for abortion, they just think the tactics these people use aren't right," she said.

But pro-lifers said they're not crossing any lines.

"It's public information," Spurgeon said. "So no, it's not invasion of (anything). I welcome people to do the same to me."

The anti-abortion protests are expected to continue Thursday.

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