LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 62-year-old man was robbed and beaten to death, and police said a group of teenagers is responsible.

Lonnie Bard's family said he was known for helping other people in the Russell neighborhood. Police said three teens assaulted Bard in Stone Alley off of 22nd Street late Monday night. 

LMPD said three suspects, between 15-and 17-years-old, are in custody. According to Louisville Metro Police Homicide Lt. Emily McKinley, Bard suffered severe trauma to his body, likely from a stick or pole.

"You leave him on the street like that, you just leave him laying in an alley, and I'm supposed to have sympathy?" said Bard's daughter, Lonnie McCray. "No, I want them charged as adults."

McCray said she won't rest any easier, even though her father's accused killers are now behind bars.

"To these kids, this was a game. This was a game to them," she said. "They don't understand how games change other people's lives.

"Mischief is spray paint or vandalism. When you jump on a 62-year-old who can't defend himself, that's heinous. And what they did was a heinous crime to a really good man."

Family said Bard was walking home from visiting his elderly mother. He was just about 100 yards from his own front door when he was robbed and attacked.

"He was disabled," McCray said. "He had no way of defending himself. He had a spinal injury that left him with limited mobility. He couldn't have ran if he wanted to."

When an ambulance arrived, EMS workers thought Bard was having a heart attack. Doctors later realized that he had been assaulted.

"We didn't even know he was in the hospital because (the teens) took his things," McCray said. "When they contacted us, it was almost 24 hours. He'd been laying in that hospital, fighting for his life, waiting for his kids and his mother to come see him."

McCray said the attackers snapped her father's neck. He died at the hospital after his family was able to say their goodbyes.

"To see my daddy laying there helpless lets me know how helpless he was against his attackers," McCray said. "He couldn't have fought back."

Because of their ages, the suspects' names are not being released. Police said more arrests are possible.

The Jefferson County Coroner's Office said Bard died from "injuries sustained in that assault."

Two of the three juveniles were arrested in the area Tuesday night for a series of street robberies. Detectives linked them to Bard's robbery.

The third juvenile was arrested Wednesday night.  All three are facing murder and first degree robbery charges. 

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