CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Two men checked into a Clarksville hotel this week, and the owner suspected they were carrying counterfeit money.

"What I noticed is that they were a touch smaller than the normal $10," aid Tony Yaldo, who owns America's Bests Inn & Suites on Eastern Boulevard in Clarksivlle. "I compared them.

"And then I noticed, when I ran the pen, instead of being brown, it turned out to be black."

On Sunday, Yaldo found what he suspected was counterfeit money in his cash register.

"Then when I called the police officer, when I saw something fishy, I told him, 'I need your opinion on it,'" Yaldo said. "He came in."

Clarksville Police Officer Matthew Bauer responded to the hotel and immediately noticed something else about the money.

"He said, 'Look Tony, look at the serial numbers.' They all were the same serial numbers," Yaldo said.

"Once they discovered it was a counterfeit bill, they pulled up their surveillance video, which showed who passed that counterfeit," said Det. Todd McCutcheon with Clarksville Police.

"Seven $10 dollar bills," Yaldo said. "The room rate was $62.15, and the front desk clerk gave them $7.85 change back."

"He noticed right away that it was counterfeit," McCutheon said.

McCutcheon said that's when Bauer called for backup and went to a room occupied by Jesse Harrod and Jeffrey Allen.

"Once the officers were in, they started seeing stuff in plain view that was indicative of counterfeiting currency," McCutcheon said.

That's when the suspects were checked out of the hotel and taken to jail.

"They had them in handcuffs. They had like three or four officers," Yaldo said. "The officers had like two bags ... I don't know what was in them. I guess more fake money."

Right now, the suspects are charged with counterfeiting, fraud and theft, but the Secret Service is also involved, so there could be federal charges.

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