JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Do you know what's coming out of your faucet?

A Madison, Indiana company, has developed a way to find out if the water in your home is doing more harm than good.

“Most people, the water they drink, they don't know anything about it,” said Ryan Myers Vice President of Operations for Environmental Laboratories, Inc. “Their stomach is upset on a regular basis, and they can’t figure out why."

The stories Myers hears from people who use EnviroTestKits can be devastating.

"(They say), 'We think there is something going on in our water, but what do we do?'” he said.

If contaminated water is coming from the sink in your kitchen, it can cause digestion problems, hearing loss, cancer and a lot of other problems. Myers said sometimes people drink the water for years and don't realize the harm they're doing to their bodies until it's too late.

“You don't know you need a cure until you know you're sick,” Myers said.

That's why EnviroTest Kits, part of the family-owned Environmental Laboratories, created Safe Home.

“This is something that's valuable to people, whether they're on city water or well water,” Myers said.

There are a bunch of different tests that can find up to 200 different contaminants in your water, like bacteria, led and mercury. The small company sells its products on Amazon and is starting to sell some of them in 500 Walmart stores across the country starting Aug. 1. They're at-home tests that have to be mailed into the lab for detailed results.

“All of our Safe Home kits have free return shipping,” said Kaeli Black, Project Manager at EnviroTestKits.

The results are either emailed or shipped back to customers in a few days.

“We have people who actually have legitimate issues, and then people who are just curious,” Myers said.

For a list of test kits, click here.

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