LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A second woman has come forward claiming she was raped by Fourth Division LMPD officer Pablo Cano. 

The new lawsuit filed Monday in Jefferson Circuit Court is another Jane Doe case protecting the alleged victim's identity.

The latest accuser is represented by Shannon Fauver, the same attorney who filed a sexual assault complaint for a 51 year old woman against Cano last month.

The woman from the first rape complaint spoke exclusively with WDRB Monday. 

"He grabbed the back of my head and slammed me against the door jam, and I was just in shock," the woman said. "He eventually got my shorts down, bent me over a patio table and proceeded to rape me."

She said it happened on the sun porch in front of her east Louisville home in June of 2016. They'd met at Cherokee Park, texted, talked and planned to get coffee.

Contrary to initial reports, she said she gave the officer her address but never invited him into her home. 

"At some point, he said we should go in the house," the victim said. "I said, 'No, my kids are in there.' He took me in the house and continued in the living room until he was interrupted by one of my kids getting up to use the restroom. He heard one of the doors open and he was unable to finish."

But, she said he came back the next day. 

"He grabbed his gun and said we needed to go to another room," she said. "We went upstairs, and he assaulted me again."

She claims she couldn't scream, couldn't speak and couldn't run, and she said fear kept her from reporting it.

"It's so traumatic, and I knew if I went to the hospital, first of all I'd have to go through an exam, which at the time, because I was bleeding, would have been horrific, and I knew they would call the police, and I didn't trust whoever showed up to take a report or listen to what I said or keep me safe," she said.

LMPD placed Cano on administrative leave while the Public Integrity Unit investigates potential criminal charges.

Monday's new lawsuit stems from a concert at the Louisville Palace on December 20th, 2016. The second accuser says she met officer Cano while he was working private security and that he offered her a ride home.

"She said she very clearly told him no, and he slammed her head against the wall and raped her," said the attorney representing both women, Shannon Fauver. "The second victim saw the news reports last week and realized she wasn't the only one and decided to come forward."

That second accuser blindsided Cano's defense team. 

"I was not aware of the lawsuit, and I need to look at it prior to commenting," said Steve Schroering, Cano's attorney.

Last week, Schroering said his client was innocent and pointed to the one-year lapse in the first woman reporting rape. 

The alleged victim who spoke to WDRB said she only came forward because she believed there may have been other victims. 

"It breaks my heart," she said. "I didn't want it to happen to other people, and I certainly don't want it to continue."

LMPD has declined comment on this case. Cano has only been with the department for two years. 

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