LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- Cornelius Miller, 58, had a not guilty plea entered for him Monday morning in court. 

He entered the courtroom shackled and in an orange jumpsuit, already in custody and awaiting trial.

Miller is the same man accused back in 2015 of raping two different women in two Louisville cemeteries. He was also released on parole in 1981 and 2009 after other rape convictions.

His new charges surround the rape of a woman in July of 2012. LMPD was notified in March about a lab-tested kit linking him to the case. Miller was the first suspect identified in a sweep of testing that involved 3,000 old rape-kits.

Since Kentucky passed new legislation and committed millions of dollars to testing rape kits, the backlog has disappeared.

"There needs to be justice brought for the victims of these crimes," Deputy Attorney General J. Michael Brown said.

The deputy Attorney General said Miller's case alone shows the importance of the tests.

"He or she may be in prison for what they've done to someone else, but we still have a human being out here who's gone through this, who hasn't had closure," Brown said. "Even one case that we can get put in the books, and hopefully get this person put away forever, is a great benefit to the Commonwealth, but more importantly the victim."

He added there have been 110 hits on old kits so far. The Attorney General's office also said there could be many more to come.

"There are victims out there who took an extraordinary step of having an invasive test done at a very vulnerable time in their lives," Brown said. "And in some cases, they wait years, sometimes forever, not knowing if there's going to be any closure, any justice brought about for the crime that they've suffered."

Miller is due back in court in a couple weeks.

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