LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- All of hand-clapping, fist-pumping and even hip-shaking is happening at the Healing Place Women's Campus on South 15th Street, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. 

And while you wouldn't know it from the smiles and even laughing you see, most of the women are climbing their way out of a hole after hitting rock bottom. 

"The drugs took over," Tiffany Hambrick said. "If I waited, I don't think I would be sober today."

Fitness classes including yoga, hula hooping and an aerobics-style dance method called "ReFit" are offered three times a week.  

"I thought it was a great idea because recovery is holistic," said Amanda Hall, Program Director at the Healing Place Women's Campus. "It's mind, body and spirit."

Fitness instructors, like Jenny Fishback, volunteer their time.

"They are a good example of perseverance (and) determination," Fishback said. "It's hopeful to me."

And the results speak for themselves. 

"I have gained a lot of weight being sober, so this makes me feel so good about myself," Hambrick said.

"It gets your mind clear," Lana Lopez said. "It just overall makes me feel high energy, refreshed."

At a time when the heroin and opioid epidemic doesn't show signs of letting up, the women at the Healing Place are proof recovery may be hard, but it's possible. 

"So often, when you do find yourself in a recovery program or treatment facility, you have so much guilt, shame and remorse," Hall said.

Something as basic as fitness classes helps them fight the hard fight for one more day. 

"I just finally want to do this for myself," Lopez said. "I just want to get my life back together."

The Healing Place Women's Campus is asking for your help. It's looking for exercise clothing donations so more women can attend the fitness classes. 

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