LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Homework time at the Brown's house was both excruciating and stressful, according to Laura Brown and her son Caleb.

Laura says she tried everything to help her son Caleb with his homework, but nothing seemed to click.

"It was a fight. I don't feel like he or we together had the tools to work through a problem without it being an all-out war," said Laura.

That's until she brought the 11-year-old to the Scholar Factory tutoring center.

Center Director Tiffany Covington knows the challenges many families face. The former JCPS teacher, helped her students' parents with the same struggles.

"Two plus two always equals four. But it's the way that you get to it. So there are specific strategies that teachers teach and they want kids to have multiple strategies on how to figure out an answer to a question," says Covington.

Covington says homework is simply a review, reinforcing what your child learned in class. Children shouldn't need a lot support doing homework. But Covington says there are some ways to help your children with homework.

Covington says make sure your child has a quiet place to do their homework - free from distractions. Be patient with them. Build in breaks, and try flash cards or games.

Baking together is another great way to brush up on math. It can help teach kids about fractions and addition.

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