A month ago, Gov. Bevin went to great length to call me a liar. It started when he took something I said out of context and posted it to his Facebook account.  I tried to set the record straight by posting the entire comment -- in context -- to his Facebook page. A couple people commented, I commented back, and then the governor or his people hid my post. I was on Terry Meiners’ show and mentioned that the governor deleted my post.  “Deleted” was the wrong word. I should have said he “hid” it. Then he put it back up so he could call me a liar for saying he deleted it. Sure, he was deceptive, and yes, name calling is beneath the dignity of the office, but that path is his to take if that’s where he wants to go.

On Tuesday, WDRB’s News Director, who is an FAA licensed drone pilot was flying one of our cameras over the governor’s home in Anchorage for part of a news story.  What he was doing was no different than flying a helicopter over the home.  It was legal and in accordance with all laws.  Minutes later in a fit of hysteria, the governor tweeted “The drone that was just flying over my home and filming my children was personally flown by (the) WDRB News Director.”  Gov. Bevin, who is so quick to call other people liars, made up, let’s say, “alternative facts” about this. There were no children of any age in the video Mr. Fulmer shot. He also made up and tweeted an accusation that the Courier-Journal and WAVE-TV were flying a drone over his house. They weren’t. Was the truth a casualty to make his story better? In fairness, he only seems to make stuff up when the truth isn’t dramatic enough to distract you. 

Gov. Bevin likes to talk to you through Facebook. He says it’s so you can hear directly from him without a media filter. The problem is, he is giving you a one-sided message without allowing anyone to ask follow-up questions. He has also said he doesn’t delete, hide, or filter any dissenting comments unless they are obscene or off-topic. Yet there are at least 600 people who say that’s not true. They say they have been blocked from his Facebook site because they didn’t agree with him and they feel he is squelching their First Amendment rights. With the help of the ACLU, they are suing him to have their rights returned.   

You make up your own minds, but I can tell you, I don’t trust Gov. Bevin. He is sending signals every day that he is hiding things from all of us. I will admit I voted for him, but I will also admit that was a mistake. A mistake that won’t be repeated.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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