MEDORA, In. (WDRB) -- Rural Southern Indiana is going green thanks to a new recycling facility.

Rumpke Recycling unveiled its new single-stream recycling system at its Medora facility in Jackson County on Wednesday.

The innovative recycling method allows residents to mix all recyclables into a single container, instead of separating them.

Rumpke says the facility will help the company reduce waste in rural southern Indiana communities.

"The state of Indiana has got a 50 percent reduction goal. We want to reduce down our solid waste by that much. Well we're going to have to somehow be able to provide access to the people in rural Indiana," said Rumpke Recycling Director Steve Sargent.

Some recyclables will be processed and transported to a regional facility to continue the process.

Others will be shipped directly to local manufacturers to create new products like paper and boxes.

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