LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- McKenzie Mattingly was acquitted of killing Michael Newby during a bust in 2004, and now he's re-applied for a job with LMPD.

But Newby's loved ones, like his step-father, Jerry Bouggess, said it would reopen too many old wounds.

"My initial reaction was shock that he would have the audacity to come back to this town after he destroyed a family," Bouggess said. "We got some family members that really feel just in shock."

Mattingly shot Newby three times in the back during an undercover drug bust in 2004. He told investigators he thought the 19 year old was going for a gun.

While detectives did find a gun in Newby's pants, Mattingly was fired and eventually charged with murder. But a jury acquitted him.

Christopher 2x remembers the unrest he says nearly boiled over.

"It was almost a situation that was a Ferguson before the Ferguson," he said, referring to riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of an unarmed black man.

2X said Mattingly reached out to him several times to apologize to the teen's family.

But the family worries rehiring him would divide the community. They have a message for Chief Steve Conrad.

"Please don't let this guy back on here and disrupt our community again," Bouggess said. "The police force is trying to work with the community and bring it together. This is going to tear it all apart." 

Mattingly re-applied to be a "lateral police officer" which means he would not have to go through the academy again.

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