A school bus stolen from New Albany was spotted swerving across southern Indiana highways into Floyds Knobs.

WDRB obtained calls to the Floyd County 911 dispatch, which answered three separate calls around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“Oh my God! We are off the side of the road and he like almost ran into us while we are off on the side of the road,” one caller said. “He's still swerving real bad in between the lanes. He's not staying in one lane. He's not driving good at all. Oh my gosh. He almost hit a truck and oh my God!”

The driver was 30-year-old Angela Rockey. The deputy who eventually pulled her over said she admitted to stealing the bus because she thought someone was chasing her.

According to the sheriff's department, Rockey drove from the bus lot at Prosser Career Education Center on Grant Line Road in New Albany, to 265 west, 64 west and then to Highway 150.

“There's something wrong with the driver,” another 911 caller said. “There has to be.”

The Deputy report says Rockey made it all the way to Billy Joe’s gas station before she was pulled over. WDRB tracked the total distance to 10.2 miles.

“When he entered the bus, he could see the person was exhibiting all the signs of intoxication,” Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop said.

The deputy found a pile of purses in the back of the bus, a scale and drugs. Rockey was arrested and a white plastic bag filled with meth, marijuana, pills and cash was later found hidden inside a body cavity. She is charged with vehicle theft, traffic offenses and several drug charges.

The New Albany Floyd County director of transportation said “an internal investigation is underway to see if proper procedures were followed” before the bus was stolen, and the department is “always evaluating procedures to improve safety.”

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