Security video catches a man breaking into cars in a New Albany neighborhood.

But he accidentally left something behind, and now neighbors hope the clue helps police track down the suspect.

Police are looking into several reported car break-ins on Tyler Drive. Neighbors hope somebody recognizes the man spotted on surveillance.

"We have some strange man walking around in the middle of the night," said neighbor Katie Jackson.

Driveway to driveway. Car to car.

"He uses a flashlight so he can see whatever he wants," Jackson said.

A man was caught on neighborhood security video breaking into cars on Tyler Drive.

"For somebody to be 5 feet from your bedroom window, breaking into the truck next door, it makes you really uncomfortable," Jackson said.

Jackson's cameras spotted the guy rummaging through her neighbor's unlocked vehicle.

"Someone had broken into our green truck," said Kendra Fulda.

Even though the man didn't get away with anything valuable, Fulda still feels violated.

"We let our kids run around and play, so obviously we feel comfortable ... until now," Fulda said. "It's just a little disturbing."

The man didn't stop there.

"Everything had been taken out of the arm rest, the dash, the glove box, it was all over the front seat and on the floor," said Carie Lamb.

When Lamb checked her car, she said she heard an alarm go off. 

"The thief actually left a watch in my car," she said. "So it's either the thief's or it was stolen from somebody else."

Lamb said she turned over the evidence to police.

She said she's worried knowing her kids were at home sleeping when a suspect was just feet from her front windows.

"When's he going to take the next step to go inside someone's home when people are there?" she asked.

If you notice anything suspicious, call New Albany Police.

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