I’m sure that one of the things that could bring a smile to President Donald Trump’s face would be to learn that it was going to be added to Mount Rushmore. Doing things in a big way seems to be his obsession, and that would be pretty big.

But it’s also pretty unlikely -- especially since his foreign policy seems diametrically opposed to that of one of the presidents who are already on that monument – Theodore Roosevelt.

As president, Roosevelt believed in “speaking softly, and carrying a big stick” in foreign affairs. That meant that while the U.S. would always have the most powerful hand in any conflict, it was best to avoid conflict through negotiation when possible, not make it more likely by issuing reckless ultimatums.

And after a century, Roosevelt is still regarded pretty well by history.

America still has the greatest war-waging capacity in the world. But that should still be our last resort – not our first threat. And some say President Trump is being irresponsible by loudly threatening North Korea’s Kim Jong Un with a rain of “fire and fury” if he doesn’t curb his recent aggressive posturing.

Maybe Trump’s just bluffing, but this is still dangerous talk when dealing with a known crazy man. Roosevelt’s famous quote has become immortal because of its wisdom. But I doubt “Shoot first and ask questions later” will be remembered nearly as fondly another century from now.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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