LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say two Kentucky teens have confessed to shooting eight cows with a rifle and recorded themselves leading up to it. 

Joe Yates and Danny Branham say they found eight dead cows on their Pike County farm Wednesday, and another four are missing. They say five of the slain cows were pregnant, and the other three were young calves. 

They're estimating the total value of the cattle at $20,000. 

"We did this hoping that we could build enough to when we retire, we would have a little extra cash for us and for our livelihood," said Yates. "It's for our families."

After the cows were killed, Yates told police he discovered a video circulating on social media. It showed two teens showing off ammunition and a rifle. The teens are later seen recording themselves near the farm where the dead cows were found. 

Police say the teens in the video have confessed to the crime, and the charges against them are still pending. 

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